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Do not let the burden of student loan debt hinder your career advancement. Through our Income Share Agreement, we can help finance your learning so you do not have to pay anything upfront out of your pocket.

Income Share Agreement

3-step process for a cost-free
learning opportunity.

In an effort to help you avoid incurring student loans, we introduce you to our income share agreement. With this, you do not have to pay upfront to enjoy our Fast Track Employment Program. Instead, you can get into and complete the program now and pay us only after you get full time employment and are making £25,000 to £35,000 or more. We will only take a percentage of your earnings for a limited time. Once you have fulfilled your end of the agreement, you can continue on with your career without any debt on us. If you are not considering income sharing, you can always settle the payment upfront for your peace of mind.

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No need to pay a penny until you are employed and are earning between £25,000 to £35,000.


Your income share will stop once you hit the end of your payment term.

Your payment obligation with us will be fulfilled once:

  • You have completely settled 10 months of payment.

Fast Track Employment Program Quick Facts

Over 300 Hiring Companies

National Coverage

95% Success Rate

Pay once you're employed

Gain the tools and advantage
you need to launch your career.

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Sample income share
agreement calculation

Once you start earning the minimum income requirement of £25,000 to £35,000/annum, we will take our income share of 10% per month for the next 10 months. That is, for instance, if you are earning £35,000/annum, our income share will be £350/month (10% of £35,000/annum) for 10 months. After you have settled the payment, your obligation with us shall be fulfilled.

Income Share Agreement Calculation

We Invest in you.

We will cover most of the upfront cost of your learning and mentorship so you can focus on expanding your knowledge and skills. Pay us back one you are employed.

Start building your future today!

Take charge of your future career through
our risk-free Fast Track Employment Program.

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