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Before contacting us for enquiries, go over this document to find more information about us and our programs. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions we receive from other interested applicants.

Mentorship Work Experience Programs

The mentorship work experience programs we offer are designed to help individuals like yourself develop in-demand skills and build valuable work experience in your preferred sector that will increase your employability. Each program encompasses a 3-month mentoring and work experience remote placement with one of our partner companies.

Our mentorship work experience programs are open to everyone. However, it will be more preferable if you are a university graduate or are currently taking a degree in university. Having some background in the sector you want to be a part of and being keen to improve your professional qualifications would also be helpful in successfully getting into and completing a program. We can do a thorough assessment if you are eligible for the program if you send us an application together with your CV. When you do so, one of our senior consultants will contact you.

We have taken into consideration that many of those who would take interest in our programs may have existing work or commitments that could prevent them from attending a placement during the day or where the schedule would not fit into theirs. As such, we have made sure that the mentoring and work experience can be done remotely so that you and other candidates can take it without quitting your current work.

On average, a program lasts for 3 months, but that can change depending on your schedule and the amount of time you spend each week undertaking the program. Based on our study of previous students, those with at least 3 months of work experience got better chances of securing employment than those who spent lesser time in their chosen program.

Fast Track Employment Program

The Fast Track Employment Program allows students to develop in-demand and sector-focused skills and experience that will make them job ready. It provides mentorship from industry professionals, hands-on work experience through placement with real businesses, and career coaching and recruitment help from our team.

Please note that the Fast Track Employment Program is an unpaid opportunity. Rest assured, however, that once you have completed it, you will have enhanced professional qualifications that will make you a more competitive candidate once you start applying for a job.

No. As with other candidates, you still need to pass applications to hiring companies and our recruitment team will assist you in your job search. Although we do have partnerships with many companies, we cannot make the hiring decisions for them. However, with enhanced qualifications to show, your chances of landing a job gets higher.

Definitely. You can go here for a more comprehensive information about the Fast Track Employment Program. Alternatively, you can contact us here and one of our team members will answer all your questions and go over the details of the program with you.

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