Supporting you on your professional development and career.

Navigate the employment market with our help. Our network of partner companies, together with our experience and mentorship team, is here to support you on your journey to full-time employment.

Career and Professional Development

Receive guidance and support from seasoned professionals.

Gain in-demand skills, build your work experience, make yourself job ready, and land your dream career in your preferred sector with the help of seasoned professionals.

Interview &Employment Support

Interview and employment support

Be among the first in line to get direct interviews with hiring companies. Through our comprehensive program and partnerships with companies across various sectors, we help our students avoid lengthy application process and go straight to interviews.

Dedicated mentors ready to support you at any stage.

All students undertaking our Fast Track Employment Program are required to complete the remote mentorship work experience program to effectively build their work experience, which will help them later in transitioning to full-time employment. The beauty of the program is that seasoned mentors from established companies are always on hand to guide and support students at every stage of their journey. These mentors are qualified and have been vetted, ensuring that they can contribute in your professional development and career preparedness.

Dedicated Mentors

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Student Testimonials


“The fast track employment program was a golden opportunity I needed to start my career.”

Julie Raynor/Web Design


“Joining the Fast Track Employment Program was one of the best decisions I made. Because of it, I now have a job in the digital marketing sector.”

Grace Charles /Digital Marketing


"It is a program that combines everything I needed to finally secure a well paying, full-time employment as a web designer."

Alexander Gordon / Web Design


"Besides learning more about business analysis and amplifying my skills, it connected me to a professional who imparted deep knowledge and experience that allowed me to build my work experience in the field."

Neville Pinette / Business Analyst

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